WordPress Initial Setup

Initial configurations


  • Goto Settings > General.
    Verify the Site Title and Tagline.
    If changes are made click the Save Changes button.
  • Goto Settings > Discussion.
    Under Default post settings uncheck Allow people to submit comments on new posts.
    Under Other comment settings check Users must be registered and logged in to comment.
    Under Before a comment appears check Comment must be manually approved.
    Click the Save Changes button.
  • Goto Settings > Permalinks and choose Post name.


  • Goto Plugins and uninstall the Hello Dolly plugin.
  • Install the Classic Editor plugin.
  • Install the JP Markdown plugin.


  • Goto Posts > All Posts and remove the default Hello world! post.


  • Goto Pages > All Pages and remove the default Test Page post.


  • Goto Appearance > Themes and activate the theme.
  • Uninstall unused themes.