PHP Configurations

There are multiple versions of php.ini used depending on the sever configurations.

php.ini is located in several different directories of an active PHP version. The correct one to use depends on the sever configurations and use case.

Find the active PHP directory

Search for the current PHP directory:

php -i | grep "Loaded Configuration File"

This will return something like:

Loaded Configuration File => /etc/php7.2/cli/php.ini

In this example the current active PHP install is running in /etc/php7.2.

Config Files

CLI php.ini

For the CLI PHP program. Changes to this config file will only affect PHP as it runs in the terminal – it will NOT affect the web server.


Apache php.ini

For the PHP plugin used by Apache. This is the one you need to edit if you are using the Apache web server.


Nginx or FPM php.ini

A fastcgi-compatible ‘wrapper’ for PHP processing. This is the one you need to edit if you’re using the Nginx web server or Apache with PHP-FPM.